Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mudhal Payanam

Verite Productions will be filming a new series called Mudhal Payanam [First Journeys] soon. The program involves sending Singaporeans who have not been back to the motherland to seek out their roots. Visit their grandparent's hometown and discover the family they spawned from.

This 13-episode documentary series – done in a reality TV format – follows 13 Singapore Indians on their journeys to find their roots in various parts of India. This subject will have a great interest among the Indian diaspora around the world because of the shared experience. The 13 profiles were chosen from an island-wide audition. They are all Singaporean Indians who come from various parts of India – from Punjab in the North to Kerala in the South.

KLKillahs is proud to announce that our esteemed panellist Nal is one of the few who will be making the trip to India.

Watch out for exclusive blow by blow accounts of her trip right here. For starters, read her post on the beginnings of it all. - HERE. Programme starts on 21st April at 9 pm.


ah_neh said...

"who have not been back to the motherland" - this line needs to be rectified.

some of the 13 have been many times over.


Arry Potter said...

review my blog....