Saturday, December 29, 2007

PSLE Tamil Cheat

Now, does anyone know how this tale panned out? Friends and family of the cheating educator perhaps? OR of the "cheated for" kids?

Excerpts of the tale:

It happened after the Mother Tongue (Tamil language) exam was completed in a school in the northern part of Singapore in early October.

The Ministry of Education and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (Seab) confirmed the incident in response to queries by The New Paper.

It is not known what prompted the tampering. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) is now conducting a probe.

In a statement to The New Paper, a spokesman said: 'CPIB has interviewed teachers and relevant persons involved and investigations are ongoing.'

Markers at Farrer Park Primary School, which was a marking centre for the subject, found that the answers in a composition paper of a pupil had been partly altered.

When the markers tracked down the pupil's Paper 2, they found that some answers in the fill-in-the-blanks section had also been cancelled and replaced with other answers.

It is understood that the pupil was given 10 marks for the section when he or she would otherwise have scored zero, an anonymous source said.

A thorough check was done and similar changes were found in the Paper 2 transcripts of two other pupils.

The anonymous caller who alerted The New Paper said: 'You could tell it was an adult's handwriting. It was even written in a different shade of blue from the pupils'.

'It looked like the answers were scribbled in a hurry.

'Even if you didn't understand Tamil, it was very obvious.'

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Had to be Tamil hadn't it?

85 foot Hanuman

IS bigger really better? 85 feet (26 metres).
Trinidad and Tobago, represent.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feed Me, F*** Me

The way to our spouse's hearts?

For your Husband

For your Wife

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lost in Translation

Courtesy of, we've got a few insights on how bollywood actors perceive gay roles. It must be said however, that if you're finding these actors a tad bit unfamiliar, its because they are. But here's my take anyways...

Arshad Warsi: "I'd willingly play a gay character. It will be a new challenge to me as an actor."

Translation: Hand that role to me on a plate and i'll chew it up faster than you can say "Philadelphia"

Anuj Sawhney: "If heroes can play grey characters, I guess it proves the walls between 'this' side and 'that' are breaking. It's up to an actor's individual craft and study of the character to portray a character in a way that leaves a lasting impression."

Translation: I'd be surprised if anyone gave a role like that to me and even if i was offered one like that, i'd screw it up...BIG TIME!

Nakul Vaid: "I've no issues playing gay. Doing any character depends on how deep you can explore it and portray it convincingly for yourself and the audience. The character's sexual preference is secondary…unless it is forced into the script, Then I'll have nothing to do with it.

Translation: I'm so jobless i'll do it for half my fee....Hell i'll throw in a item dance for free!!

Neil Mukesh: "Well, It's a character and we are actors. So if the script demands it, why not?

Translation: You can have my ass for twice my asking price..thrice if i need to do brokeback mountain in hindi...

Sammir Dattani: "I must admit playing one makes me slightly uncomfortable at this stage of my career when I'm still finding my bearings. For my new film, Dhoom Dhadaka, I had to get into drag and I was very uneasy. It took Tom Hanks and Irrfan years before they came to Philadelphia and Migration. I need to be experienced as an actor before I attempt a character so distanced from me."

Translation: I know i'm not really getting the roles i want...but really, do i have to?

Prashant Raj: "I don't think I'd do justice to a role like that. My structure and built might not be conducive to playing such a role."

Translation: Come on yaar... are you kidding me...Check out my my abs...I can't play gay.....You guys need anyone to play Johnny Bravo? Ohhh...i see a hot man over there..oh hang on, its just me in the mirror..

Mohit Ahlawat: "For me it's difficult to play gay as I won't be able to identify with such a character. Sorry, I can't play a role I'm so far removed from. But I respect an actor like Irrfan or Sanjay Suri who can."

Translation: STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!! That includes you , Irfan and Sanjay, you pussies!!!

Vinay Pathak: "Excitement of portraying any character lies in the strength of the character's graph and progression in the plot and its conflicts. How a character helps a narrative grow is what interests me the most. The cast's sexual orientation and other factors are all secondary."

Translation: Gay? Do i smell an award?? Do of course note, all this is tongue in cheek..and i don't mean any insult to either the homosexual community or these actors..hopefully this saves me from a defamation action...