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Born Again Yindian

We are back. And on twitter mind you. @klkillahs. Follow or be damned.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Brown Badge dot com

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mallu Harmony Day

I remember this year at me workplace when Racial Harmony day rolled around. The Boss decreed that he was sick and tired of the old cliched, "Oh, it's racial harmony. Let's all just wear other people's ethnic costumes and turn up for work. And then we'll gorge ourselves with other people's ethnic delights and pretend that we actually care".

So, he got us to like just sit in the conference room and we listened to some cool stuff. Basically, old festivals and supersititions and notions shown new light. I mean, I do know all I can about Chinese New Year already; we actually got educated on the Hungry Ghost's Festival and the nuances that follow it. Because we don't have any Muslims at the workplace [i know.. i know...], some bigot actually went up to give a presentation on Hari Raya and the significance of korban. But his fuckin lack of class and crass jokes about our Muslim brothers-in-arms justifiably got him boo-ed off the podium and a day of "Code Red".

So, anyhow, we're not the only nation where harmony along racial lines is so hawk-eyed watched over. Check this direct from Infy, Mangalore:

And after the clock struck 5 and he punched out, he was able to charge 5 dollars a pop to watch him dance. Now that's innovative. I feel at harmony already.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Castrol Corporate Rajinikanth

Don't say I hide all the good stuff away from all youse "sick of bookmarking this motherfuckin page" KLKlanites. Rajinikanth shows how inflation and recession is an Yindian problem TOO by selling out to the corporati. More importantly, if he DIDN'T, one massive law suit which is probably gonna get stuck in the courts for the next 5 years is going to ensure.

Either way we have a good mega serial.

What I really wanna say is: I'm back. Late-ah vanthaalum latest-ah varuvomlae.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

O Level Chance ruined by Girl's Home

Do you recall this tale? Took the N's and did well and couldn't qualify for the Os for the sole sake that she didn't sit for her Tamil paper?

Read story HERE.

Concerned citizen wrote in to SINDA to see if there was anything that could be done to help the poor chica. Lo and behold, the wondrous organization that faithfully deducts 7 bucks off my pay check every month actually responded positively.

Their response through e-mail:

Dear Mr Ganesan,

Thanks for your mail.

We have liaised with MOE on this matter and MOE is putting up her case to
support her readmission to Bedok Town Sec.

We will further liaise with the family to explore other areas of
assistance they may require such as educational Bursary and Tuition.

Warm regards

Kavitha (Ms)
Senior Manager
Family Services
Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA)
Tel: 639xxxx«

More importantly, if you think something is wrong. Go do something bout it. Don't sit on your tushy and hope for almighty God to lend a hand. There ARE government and quasi-government orgs that can solve or at least shine light on the issue at hand.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

PSLE Tamil Cheat

Now, does anyone know how this tale panned out? Friends and family of the cheating educator perhaps? OR of the "cheated for" kids?

Excerpts of the tale:

It happened after the Mother Tongue (Tamil language) exam was completed in a school in the northern part of Singapore in early October.

The Ministry of Education and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (Seab) confirmed the incident in response to queries by The New Paper.

It is not known what prompted the tampering. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) is now conducting a probe.

In a statement to The New Paper, a spokesman said: 'CPIB has interviewed teachers and relevant persons involved and investigations are ongoing.'

Markers at Farrer Park Primary School, which was a marking centre for the subject, found that the answers in a composition paper of a pupil had been partly altered.

When the markers tracked down the pupil's Paper 2, they found that some answers in the fill-in-the-blanks section had also been cancelled and replaced with other answers.

It is understood that the pupil was given 10 marks for the section when he or she would otherwise have scored zero, an anonymous source said.

A thorough check was done and similar changes were found in the Paper 2 transcripts of two other pupils.

The anonymous caller who alerted The New Paper said: 'You could tell it was an adult's handwriting. It was even written in a different shade of blue from the pupils'.

'It looked like the answers were scribbled in a hurry.

'Even if you didn't understand Tamil, it was very obvious.'

News Link

Had to be Tamil hadn't it?

85 foot Hanuman

IS bigger really better? 85 feet (26 metres).
Trinidad and Tobago, represent.